The Gen-Z and Millennial website is now available on mobile with exclusive custom features for an enhanced fan experience

LOS ANGELES (November 2, 2021) – “The Ultimate Fan Connection” now has the ultimate mobile app. Music Daily, the groundbreaking, fully immersive fan-to-fan website aimed at Gen-Z and Millennials, announces the launch of its mobile app available for download on both Apple and Google Play Store.

By subscribing, Music Daily users can access all of the exciting, multimedia content they’ve come to love about the website – every aspect of the revolutionary “studio to the stage” programming – but with several unique custom features that will enhance their experience about the kinds of music they’re most interested in. And it’s all available in one multi-purpose, easy-to-use app.

“Just as Music Daily offers fans an incredible range of content, our new mobile app allows users an array of new features, all in one place,” says general manager Mel Adler. “Most music apps are functionally limited in what they provide. One app might suggest concerts, other apps offer streaming while another app gives you charts and some stories. With the Music Daily app, you get everything and a whole lot more. It’s a complete music fan experience.”

Users of the Music Daily mobile app can access every element of the website’s unique programming, all of it curated by young and engaged music fans. They can get the latest music news, read incisive reviews, receive tour updates and purchase local concert tickets right through the app. Users can also watch exclusive videos and interviews with artists as they’re creating music, along with breaking news about a song or a video as it’s released.

What’s more, users can stay on top of all the latest trends and discover important emerging artists with the site’s extensive and custom “Tracks” sections, which uses Music Daily’s own algorithm to analyze charts from all streaming platforms to create three proprietary playlists each week: Top 30 Streamed Tracks, Music Daily Discoveries and Trending Tracks.

Along with this content, the Music Daily app offers several enhanced features:

Explore Mode. Users can dive deep into an incredible array of over 40 musical genres and sub-genres to discover songs and videos by brand-new artists each day.

Custom Alerts. With one touch, fans can personalize their Music Daily experience with custom notifications about the genres of music they’re most passionate about.

Save & Share. An easy-to-use feature also not found on the website that allows users to quickly create a library of their favorite stories and share them with friends.

“The beauty of this app is that it’s multi-dimensional, it’s an all-in-one experience that’s so easy to use,” says Adler. “It’s like a Swiss Army Knife – everything you could need and want is right there on whatever device you use.”

Something else users will discover: No Ads. That’s right – fans can access each multimedia feature without being bombarded by annoying advertisement or pop-ups while experiencing a veritable buffet of programming via three native video and four audio players from its ever-updating menu of stories.

Music Daily will be available on both Apple Store and Google Play for $1.99 per month. That’s just pennies per day for 24/7 access for the most complete “studio to stage” music resource in one easy-to-use application.

“We’re extremely proud of all the success we’ve achieved with the Music Daily,” says Adler. “Our philosophy has always been driven by listening to music fans; what they like and what they’re looking for. This is how we designed the site, giving them the ultimate music experience that they can’t find anywhere else. We’ve put that same kind of care and innovation into our app. I think music fans will love it and find it a truly indispensable resource.”


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With over three decades in the competitive, continually evolving world of digital media, Marc has held executive positions at such prominent media companies as Nexstar Media Group, AOL, Yahoo!, and Belo Broadcasting. Marc’s ability to anticipate trends and innovate has enabled him to develop and transform businesses through the power of digital and traditional broadcast video


Production Manager/Operations
Jennifer is a persuasive and passionate executive with an extensive career in Music, Film, Television and Advertising. She has worked with many award winning icons in the entertainment world in developing strategies, executing plans and analyzing results. Skilled in contract negotiation, strategic brand building, budgeting and strengthening relationships with power brokers, artists and management, she is also adept at Project Management and identifying strategic partnerships.



Gene’s experience brings an eclectic musical and production background to AWE. He trained as a classical musician and singer at the Manhattan School of Music, sang baritone with the New York City Opera, and later became a producer, composer and arranger for Atlantic Records.

Beginning in 1985, Gene owned and operated several production houses catering to major advertising and corporate clients. His musical training and experience has provided him with a finely tuned ear and great directorial expertise, which is reflected in his craftsmanship. Gene has a recognized style featuring strong creativity, high energy, and an emphasis on intricate production techniques.



Ted is an accomplished entertainment executive with experience in start-ups, major-market station management, artist development and management, business and programming development. Having direct experience in the Traditional, Digital, On-site, Social, Mobile and ‘Cross-Platform‘ media business, he has created innovative solutions for competitive and technical challenges facing customers and strategic partners. Specializing in revenue development through building and maintaining excellent relationships with clients, vendors, and staff, while ensuring seamless communication between internal and external groups and all essential vehicles of content distribution.

Ryan Fisher

Twitter/YouTube Intern

Ryan is currently a Senior at SUNY Fredonia with a Major in Music Industry and a Minor in Communications. His goals are to get a job in the music industry either with live performances or social media.

Paloma Pimentel


I am Paloma Pimentel, I am bilingual and speak English and Spanish. I am a senior at college, a practicing communicator and journalist. I have been to 19 countries and have a multi-cultural understanding of people and societies. I hope one day to become a communications expert.

mel adler


Mel is an accomplished media entertainment executive with over twenty five years experience in multimedia sales, management, production and distribution for both large scale companies as well as start up environments.

A strong hands-on professional, he has developed and activated marketing programs for many fortune 500 brands including Microsoft, Mercedes, L’Oreal, Hennessy, Citi, and Kraft while at companies like CBS Interactive Music, Clear Channel Interactive, National Lampoon, Tribune and iHeart Radio.

An early adopter of cross-platform and branded integrations, Mel has also executive produced programs for broadcast television and streaming web including South Side Johnny Live (NYE Special), ‘Cool Notes’ Jazz, Segway Music Countdown, and iHeart Radio’s Jingle Ball.

“The Dark Side of the Moon cover intrigued me when I  bought it in April 1973.  I was 19 at the time and Pink Floyd was becoming a mainstream success with a growing fan base, myself included.  The mind-blowing music coupled with lyrics exploring themes of alienation, loss, and materialism struck a personal note which echoes within me to this day.”   MA