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Chief Content officer

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Production Officer

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diana barcelata

senior writer - latam

collin willis


dominique kendus

Entertainment Editor

Juan Requena

Production Writer

carter hahn

ap writer

mattia spitale

Inernational writer

Grace Powers


Cole Nix


Andres Fabris

Communications Writer

Teresa Bigioli

Inernational writer

Hailey Freedman

Junior writer




Gideon Plamondon

Music coordinator

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Erica Stroman


Izayah Alvarez

social media INTERN

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Graphic Design

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Graphics Design


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Production coordinator

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mel adler



Partnership Activation


Partnership Activation


Executive Director, Long-Form Content


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Production Manager/Operations


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mel adler


Mel is an accomplished media entertainment executive with over twenty five years experience in multimedia sales, management, production and distribution for both large scale companies as well as start up environments.

A strong hands-on professional, he has developed and activated marketing programs for many fortune 500 brands including Microsoft, Mercedes, L’Oreal, Hennessy, Citi, and Kraft while at companies like CBS Interactive Music, Clear Channel Interactive, National Lampoon, Tribune and iHeart Radio.

An early adopter of cross-platform and branded integrations, Mel has also executive produced programs for broadcast television and streaming web including South Side Johnny Live (NYE Special), ‘Cool Notes’ Jazz, Segway Music Countdown, and iHeart Radio’s Jingle Ball.

“The Dark Side of the Moon cover intrigued me when I  bought it in April 1973.  I was 19 at the time and Pink Floyd was becoming a mainstream success with a growing fan base, myself included.  The mind-blowing music coupled with lyrics exploring themes of alienation, loss, and materialism struck a personal note which echoes within me to this day.”   MA



Production Manager/Operations
Jennifer is a persuasive and passionate executive with an extensive career in Music, Film, Television and Advertising. She has worked with many award winning icons in the entertainment world in developing strategies, executing plans and analyzing results. Skilled in contract negotiation, strategic brand building, budgeting and strengthening relationships with power brokers, artists and management, she is also adept at Project Management and identifying strategic partnerships.



Gene’s experience brings an eclectic musical and production background to AWE. He trained as a classical musician and singer at the Manhattan School of Music, sang baritone with the New York City Opera, and later became a producer, composer and arranger for Atlantic Records.

Beginning in 1985, Gene owned and operated several production houses catering to major advertising and corporate clients. His musical training and experience has provided him with a finely tuned ear and great directorial expertise, which is reflected in his craftsmanship. Gene has a recognized style featuring strong creativity, high energy, and an emphasis on intricate production techniques.



With over three decades in the competitive, continually evolving world of digital media, Marc has held executive positions at such prominent media companies as Nexstar Media Group, AOL, Yahoo!, and Belo Broadcasting. Marc’s ability to anticipate trends and innovate has enabled him to develop and transform businesses through the power of digital and traditional broadcast video

Diana Barcelata

Senior Blogger

Diana is a senior writer at Music daily! She is from Vera Cruz Mexico and she graduated in May 2020 from North Central College with a double Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Communications & Organizational Communications and will be attending Northeastern Illinois University for my Master’s starting this Fall!

Diana’s favorite album is Happiness Begins by the Jonas Brothers. By the way… her favorite group is the Jonas Brothers as well!

“It was the Jonas Brothers’ first album in 10 years and it marked their reunion! Plus, every song is very meaningful as it brings back memories from my childhood and with loved ones.”

Collin willis

senior writer

Collin is a senior writer at Music Daily. You’ll also see him doing some video content on the site as well! Collin is a recent graduate at Troy University this past May who graduated with a major of multimedia journalism.

Some of Collins favorite artist is Frank Ocean, but his favorite album is Because Of The Internet By Childish Gambino.

“First album I played through with no skips and I could really relate to almost every lyric in the songs. I would say this album is what transformed me into a music fan and is the reason why I chase music that only makes me feel something!”

Juan Requena

Production Writer

Juan is the video production writer  for Music Daily and also contributes articles for our site! Juan attends Miami Dade College and has been writing creatively for 6 Years. 

His favorite album is “In Sickness & In Flames” by The Front Bottoms. 

“It’s a folk rock album, I adore this album because it holds some of my favorite lyrics in music, both from an introspective and a love standpoint. It’s important to me because of the connection I have with it and my girlfriend, who I plan to marry.”

Dominique kenus

Junior Writer

Dominique is a Junior Writer at Music Daily. She is a Senior at University of Delaware with a major in English and a minor in Legal Studies! Dominique loves writing creatively, playing video games, and will be attending law school next year. 

Some of Dominique’s favorite artists include Justin Bieber, Juice Wrld, The 1975, Bleachers and her favorite album is A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships – the 1975.

“I chose An Inquiry Into Online Relationships because I’ve been a long-time fan of The 1975 and it’s an album that got me through my first experience with grief and hardship. I always come back to it when I need comfort and I think that’s something incredibly special for any album.”

Jada Robison

Junior writer

Jada is a Junior Writer at Music Daily! She is a student at Harding University studying Public Relations. Jada loves to be creative and enjoys writing poetry and songs!

Some of her favorite artists include Vanessa Carlton, Prince, and Declan Mckenna. Her favorite album is Melodrama by Lorde.

Melodrama by Lorde is my favorite album because it came at a time when I needed to be validated in my melodramatic feelings. Listening to the album was a very fulfilling experience, she created a universe where anyone who has ever felt “too dramatic” or been told that they were, could scream and cry and be angry and unabashedly sad. Everything I needed to know I was okay to feel. “

Carter Hahn

Ap writer

Carter is an AP Writer for Music Daily.  He is going to be a Junior at University of Dayton and is majoring in Communication with a  concentration in journalism and minor in English.

Carter’s favorite artists includeI Prevail, Breaking Benjamin, Cole Swindell, Skillet, Asking Alexandria, 2Scratch. Although he listens to quite literally every genre in music, his favorite is anything that is relatable and has important topics! His favorite album is Lifelines by I Prevail 
“Lifelines” by I Prevail is my favorite because it’s got everything I love in an album. It’s got some motivational tracks as well as some ballads, but most importantly the album is relatable. Generally, the songs are about experiencing and overcoming hardship. Seeing as how life can be full of hardship, this album makes it a little easier on listeners by letting them know that they’re not alone. It’s the little things like that that make the album amazing!”

Mattia Spitale

international writer

Mattia is our international writer! He writes about music in Europe that is a different mix to the music we listen to here! He attends the University of Turin and studies the Science of Communication

His favorite artists are Vasco Rossi, Khalid, Rkomi, The Weeknd, Tedua. His favorite album is “The Joshua Tree” – U2.
“I grew up with half italian and half international music. My father, since I was a kid, used to make me listen to this album and for me was immediately love. Some singles contained in this project, like “With or Without You” and “Where the Streets Have No Name”, every time take me back to special moments and memories of my childhood. I have friends and things that only the music of “The Joshua Tree” can make me remember.”

Grace Powers

Junior Writer, Vlogger

Grace is a junior writer and on-camera talent at Music Daily.  She attends Appalachian State University in Boone, NC and majors in Electronic Media and Broadcasting with a minor in Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology.

“Lost in the Dream by the War on Drugs is my favorite album and has been since I was 15 years old. The way they blend their heartland Americana style with a psychedelic flare instills a visceral emotional response. The way their songs build up to such a cathartic crescendo made this album an instant favorite of mine.”

Cole Nix

Junior Writer

Cole is a Junior Writer at Music Daily. He is a Senior at University of Cincinnati  with a major in Communications. 

“The first time I listened to Art Angels all the way through it was like I had never heard music made like that. Grimes’ mix of ethereal, pop, and hip hop sounds created a new lens for how I saw music. The mixing and production on the album was so meticulous, detailed, and thought out. I was just blown away at how she created a piece of art that was so multidimensional that I could listen to and feel.”


Andres Fabris

Junior Writer

Andres is a Junior Writer at Music Daily.  He is a Senior at the University of Delaware with a double major of English and Public Relations and a minor in Italian.

“Thematically, Daydream is the most emotionally crushing album I’ve heard. Upon the first track, perhaps the listener is unaware that they too are daydreaming with Mariah, many fantasies of romance and starry nights. However, by the end of the album, the visions of love are gone, and we see an isolating reality for Mariah, even if she is a superstar diva. Perhaps, these daydreams were her survival, and, if true or not, it feels like looking into her diary– personal, precious, and a moment in time.”

Teresa Bigioli

Inernational Wrier

Teresa’s is our International Writer for Music Daily. She  attends University of Southern California and studies Journalism.

Some of Teresa’s favorite artists include David Bowie, Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus, Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift, 5SOS, FKA Twigs, DIY Valentine, Selena, Lesley Gore, Amy Winehouse, The Killers, Nirvana. Her favorite album is Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz by Miley Cyrus.

“I first discovered Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz during a hard emotional time in my life, and through this album, I was able to resonate and connect to the songs and feel understood and heard. It holds a special place in my music heart for being the soundtrack of my emotions during that period of my life”

hailey Freedman


Hailey is a Junior Writer at Music Daily.  She’s a rising senior at Emerson College in Boston with an Interdisciplinary Studies: Humanities through Arts and Culture. 

“My favorite album is the masterpiece Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. With the emotional rollercoaster of an album, it is no wonder it is so popular. My heart is drawn to every song as the band takes you on the journey of their love and thoughts for their friend and past bandmate Syd Barrett and how we only have this life. So breath in the air and remember there is no reason to be frighted of death, we are all sometimes on the dark side of the moon.”

Mitchell Marinaro

Mitchell sits on the Content team and is a music artist himself.  He also manages the charts and playlists plus hosts the Music Daily Tracks report.  Mitchell graduated from San Francisco State University with a major in Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts.
Some of Mitchell’s favorite artists are Gorillaz, Pixies, Gwen Stefani, The Cramps. His favorite album is Demon Days by Gorillaz.
“I was so young when I stumbled upon it so I feel like it was my introduction to the idea that music doesn’t have to be limited to one genre or idea. It’s an album that goes from pop to alternative to hip-hop to dance effortlessly and holds true to an overarching aesthetic and theme throughout. The creativity that went into creating a cartoon band to represent the music being made was just genius, as well.”

elle hodges

OnStage editor

Elle goes to ……

Some of her favorite artists include The Beatles, Queen, One Direction (and solo), Blake Shelton, 21 Pilots. Her favorite  album is The Beatles (remastered)!

I love The Beatles (remastered) album because it has an upbeat mood to it and makes you want to get up and dance and sing your heart out! “ 

Niki Wehner


Niki comes to us from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix Arizona where she a rising junior majoring in Graphic Design in Advertising.  Niki is also involved in the school’s AMA club as the head designer for their marketing campaigns.


“In 2017, Tauren Wells dropped “Hills and Valleys” as a multi-track single and was nominated in the 2018 Grammys for the best contemporary Christian music performance song.

Unlike many other worship artists, Tauren takes a modern-contemporary pop art style in his music, while still implementing the gospel. He is a big part of modernizing Christian music in my life, which is a difficult thing to find today.

When it comes to this particular album, Tauren includes 15 songs,
and the most popular song “Known” has over 60 million streams on Spotify as of 2022.

This album makes me feel spiritually enlightened and never fails to boost my mood when I am dealing with daily anxiety and stressors of life. Tauren reminds me in his album that no matter what chapter of life I am in, whether a hill or a valley, I can always trust in God to be there for me.”

kelsey perry

Kelsey is a Coordinator on the content team at Music Daily.  She is a student at Ball State University studying Advertising. She also loves to thrift, loves fashion, and making playlists! Also a huge cat person.
Her favorite artists include Samia, The Wrecks, Taylor Swift, Clairo, Lorde and her favorite album is The Baby by Samia!
“Samia’s lyrics are beautiful, unique, and so relatable for a young adult female listener. ‘The Baby’ is raw, original, and honest and perfectly expresses the emotions and angst that come with young adulthood as a woman. Her tracks are different and strong enough that they are all able to stand and be appreciated alone, but the album is also able to come together as a perfect cohesive unit. I’ve been listening to this album consistently for over a year now and it hasn’t aged one bit!”

Aleena Waldron

Website coordinator

Aleena is the website coordinator for music daily. She is a student at Quinnipiac University studying Computer Information Systems and will be going for her MBA in Business Analytics.

Her favorite artists include Billie Eilish, One Direction, Olivia Rodrigo and the Weeknd. Her favorite album is HS1 by Harry styles.

I have always loved Harry Styles since his musical start in One Direction. His music is always something I can throw on the radio and sing along too.  I have grown up with him and his songs and thats why his album is my favorite!”

Kaitlyn Gordon

Social Media Coordinator

Kaitlyn is the Coordinator of all Social Media and YouTube Channels within  the Marketing Team for Music Daily. She attends Arkansas State Online University for Strategic Communications with a certificate in Social Media Management.

“I fall in love with music most often for 2 reasons: 1) the beauty or unique sound of it & its artists’ voice and 2) the captivating story it traps me in while i listen or sing along. evermore does that and so much more that it sent me back to that teen fan-girl kind of love for Taylor Swift, and i think we all know that she’s still capitalizing on that from all of us that were in the fandom way back.”

Grace jessup

Affiliate relations

Grace is the Affiliate Relations that sits on the Marketing Team for Music Daily. She attends Wichita state university and studies strategic communications there.

Some of her favorite artist is Dolly Parton , but her favorite album is Made in the A.M. by One Direction!
“I’ve always been a big 1D girl! Their music was so important to me in my early teen/tween years, and it’s nice to have a comfort like that.”

Sarah Saritanon

Social Media
Sarah is the Social Media intern at Music Daily who sits on the Marketing team. She attends Grand Canyon University and majors in Marketing and Advertising.
Some of Sarah’s favorite artist is Coldplay, but her favorite album is Fine Line by Harry Styles!
” “Fine Line” was the album that I would listen to it over and over again. It also reminds me of a good memory during summer.”

Kittitra Khunanopparat


Kitt crunches numbers in the Digital Marketing team.  FYI…  Grace is Kittitra’s actual nickname but we have three staffers named Grace already so… we affectionately call her Kitt!   She is from Thailand studying Marketing and Advertising at Grand Canyon University.

Kitt’s favorite artist is NCT Dream and her favorite album is “Sour” from Olivia Rodrigo “Because each song is super unique and unexpected”.


Sabrina Radcliffe

Graphic Design

Sabrina is a student at Davis Technical College in the Web and Graphic Design Program. She has a zeal for making the world a better, equitable place for everyone. 

Sabrina’s favorite artists are King Buffalo, Modest Mouse, Red Hot Chili Peppers and All Them Witches. Her favorite album is “Orion” by King Buffalo.

“The heavy hypnotic psych rock makes me feel euphoric and transports me to a realm of magic and mystery.”


Jackson gravagno

Production coordinator

Jackson is the Production Coordinator for the production team. He attends San Francisco State University and is studying Political Science and Cinema there!

Some of Jackson’s favorite artists include Car Seat Headrest, JPEGMAFIA, Lauryn Hill, Larry June, Natalia Lafourcade, but his favorite album is Discovery by Daft Punk

“When I was a wee child my cousin introduced me to the wonders of Daft Punk. Their music as well as their presentation were single coolest thing my young mind had ever encountered. Discovery became the first album I downloaded and listened to on my ipod and has held a special place in my heart ever since.”

Lauren MacDonald


Lauren is an editor on the production team and responsible for New Music Monday and Drops. She is a student at James Madison University! Lauren majors in Media Arts & Design with a minor in Music Industry.

Some of Lauren’s favorite artists include My Kid Brother, The Wrecks, Joe P, The Happy Fits, My Chemical Romance, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me, The Replacements, Paramore, Brockhampton, Finish Ticket, The Technicolors, The Mechanisms, The Homeless Gospel Choir, Hozier, The Amazing Devil, The Raconteurs, Mother Mother, The Greeting Committee, The Struts and Queen. her favorite album is “Barriers” by Frank Iero & The Future Violents
“Even though I love all of Frank Iero’s solo music, I feel like Barriers has the most musical variety from song to song, but still manages to feel like a cohesive album. Plus, “Fever Dream” and “Medicine Square Garden” are two of my favorite songs I’ve ever heard performed live.”

Patricia Gust


Patty is an accomplished TV, digital and mobile media executive with highly developed skills in the areas required to drive revenue growth including ad sales strategy, business development, promotions, content integration, client service management, marketing and product management.

“The Beatles White Album was  fearless,  indulgent, sprawling, and overflowing with ideas and excess. The album was ingenius by foregoing the mainstream instrumentations of the day  with a sound that was otherworldly.”



Ted is an accomplished entertainment executive with experience in start-ups, major-market station management, artist development and management, business and programming development. Having direct experience in the Traditional, Digital, On-site, Social, Mobile and ‘Cross-Platform‘ media business, he has created innovative solutions for competitive and technical challenges facing customers and strategic partners. Specializing in revenue development through building and maintaining excellent relationships with clients, vendors, and staff, while ensuring seamless communication between internal and external groups and all essential vehicles of content distribution.


Partnership Activation

Joseph is 30 year radio broadcast sales and marketing leader having worked at legendary stations including K-Rock with Howard Stern, 102.7 WNEW-FM and the world famous, Z100 radio in New York City where he  managed sponsorship activation for the Jingle Ball Concert franchise at Madison Square Garden.
He later went on to support the launch of dMarc, the first of its kind audio ad-serving platform which was later acquired by Google Audio for over $100M.
Joseph is passionate about live music events and creating incredible experiential opportunities for sponsors, venues and promoters.

“One of my fondest memories is about Cheap Trick at Budokan.   Shortly after the release of this incredible live album in 1981, my friends and I attended one of their shows in Palm Beach Florida.  This particular show was all general admission. But when the doors opened, we all managed to get to the stage and ended up sitting front row!  What an  amazing show!”  


Partnership Activation

Adam is an accomplished sales and marketing executive with over 20 years of proven experience driving top-line revenue for companies including CBS Television / CBS 360, Nexstar Media Group, iHeart Media, Katz Radio, Sony, and Pointcast Digital.
His expertise lies in identifying, designing and implementing scalable marketing solutions using multiple targeted media tactics.
Adam values growing, and managing relationships with C-level executives as well as key decision makers at enterprise brands, their advertising agencies,
media buying companies, and multiple Fortune 500 corporations.