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mel adler


David Okamoto

Head Content Strategy

Gene Sicard

Production Supervisor

Jennifer Phelps

artist & label relations

Kevin Twitchell

Industry Relations & Partnerships
New York

dave santaniello

brand licensing & partnerships
New York

Marc Montoya

Distribution & revenue

Sammy Simpson

Director of Marketing

Dawna Smith

Director Human Resources

Alan Wallace


Rob Dixter

Head of Video Content
New York

Gia Rutkowski

Social engagement

Advisory board

Kevin Conroy

Sr. Executive Advisor
Los Angeles

Eddie Dombrower

Product innovation
Boulder, CO

Lindsay Calabrese

Influencer Marketing
Los Angeles

Carson Coldiron

digital marketing

David Young

Chief Financial & Investment Consultant

Content Squad

Jacquie Cadorette

managing editor

Maia Robbins

Deputy managing Editor

Andres Fabris

Senior Writer

Alyssa Osorio

Social Media Manager

Teresa Bigioli

International writer

Matt Varga

Senior Writer

diana barcelata

senior writer - latam

Kayla Ortiz

Social Media Blogger

Grace Powers


Emilie Widarsson

Music Blogger/Vlogger

Paige Blackburn


Olesya Mertz

Content Creator

Mallary Zajicek

Content Manager Intern

Paloma Pimentel

EDM Creator

Caitlin Tabin

World Music Creator

Adam Kinberg

Social Media Coordinator

video production

Luis Perez

Production Coordinator

Siris Washington Jr

Senior Editor

Gerard Blandina

Senior editor


Senior editor

Charlie Woodberry

Multimedia Editor

Matt Varga

Multimedia Editor

Ashley Ogando

Copywriter / Animation Video Editor


Executive Director, Long-Form Content


Executive Producer


Production Manager/Operations


Creative Director












Web services

mel adler


Mel is an accomplished media entertainment executive with over twenty five years experience in multimedia sales, management, production and distribution for both large scale companies as well as start up environments.

A strong hands-on professional, he has developed and activated marketing programs for many fortune 500 brands including Microsoft, Mercedes, L’Oreal, Hennessy, Citi, and Kraft while at companies like CBS Interactive Music, Clear Channel Interactive, National Lampoon, Tribune and iHeart Radio.

An early adopter of cross-platform and branded integrations, Mel has also executive produced programs for broadcast television and streaming web including South Side Johnny Live (NYE Special), ‘Cool Notes’ Jazz, Segway Music Countdown, and iHeart Radio’s Jingle Ball.

“The Dark Side of the Moon cover intrigued me when I  bought it in April 1973.  I was 19 at the time and Pink Floyd was becoming a mainstream success with a growing fan base, myself included.  The mind-blowing music coupled with lyrics exploring themes of alienation, loss, and materialism struck a personal note which echoes within me to this day.”   MA


David Okamoto

Head, Content Strategy

David is a strategic leader who advocates for the best user experience by executing swiftly, digging deep for solutions and embracing collaboration. Having spent 22 years at Yahoo!, David excells at solving complex problems, sparking innovation and inspiring colleagues to execute and exceed expectations.

“I live for music and the thrill of discovery, and nothing inspires me more than taking a chance on a new artist and falling in love with a song on first click. I attend more than 100 live shows a year in a relentless quest to find the Next Great New Band”.

David’s “latest favorite” band –  is the sublime psychedelic soul-funk trio… Khruangbin.
“They’ve been on fire since their 2020 collaboration with Leon Bridges on “Texas Sun”  (242M Spotify streams and still going strong) and blend intoxicating rhythms, trippy guitars and Latin and Middle Eastern textures – they sound like no other band from Texas, let alone on this planet, and are just amazing live!”



Gene’s experience brings an eclectic musical and production background to AWE. He trained as a classical musician and singer at the Manhattan School of Music, sang baritone with the New York City Opera, and later became a producer, composer and arranger for Atlantic Records.

Beginning in 1985, Gene owned and operated several production houses catering to major advertising and corporate clients. His musical training and experience has provided him with a finely tuned ear and great directorial expertise, which is reflected in his craftsmanship. Gene has a recognized style featuring strong creativity, high energy, and an emphasis on intricate production techniques.


chief REVENUE advisor

With over three decades in the competitive, continually evolving world of digital media, Marc has held executive positions at such prominent media companies as Nexstar Media Group, AOL, Yahoo!, and Belo Broadcasting. Marc’s ability to anticipate trends and innovate has enabled him to develop and transform businesses through the power of digital and traditional broadcast video


Production Manager/Operations
Jennifer is a persuasive and passionate executive with an extensive career in Music, Film, Television and Advertising. She has worked with many award winning icons in the entertainment world in developing strategies, executing plans and analyzing results. Skilled in contract negotiation, strategic brand building, budgeting and strengthening relationships with power brokers, artists and management, she is also adept at Project Management and identifying strategic partnerships.

Kevin Twitchell


Emmy-nominated producer with over 20 years of experience in the media and entertainment industry. Board advisor to DataArt (Global IT Consultants) in the Media and Entertainment practice, focusing on the music and sports betting industry. Previously held Leadership roles at Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music, and Cinedigm.  Principal Partner at TCO Advisors consulting group and Co-founder of Wonderama Holding LLC, producing a multi-platform syndicated TV show for kids currently with over 150 episodes in Global syndication.

“After 30 years in the music biz, my all time favorite album has to be London Calling, The Clash.   Joe Strummer and the band struck  a nerve with me with their passion, great lyrics/music.”

Dave Santaniello

Music & Brand Partnership

Dave believes Content Connects and Inspires. A serial Entertainment intra/entrepreneur and private investor, he is uniquely suited to help Brands, Businesses, Investors, and Individuals of Consequence connect to issues that matter most to them and execute breakthrough campaigns.

Widely associated as a forefather of “Brand Partnerships” at Sony Music, and Head of Music at Edelman / United Entertainment Group, Dave’s work has contributed to Grammy, Cannes Lions, Webby, Shorty, Digiday, and Billboard Awards, alongside Sony’s CEO Award for Global Entrepreneurship.

Sammy Simpson

Director of Marketing

Sammy brings over 30 years of diverse expertise in radio, marketing, promotions, business development, digital media, podcasting, communications, coaching, and corporate leadership. Throughout his career, he’s been dedicated to driving success through innovative initiatives and inspiring people and teams as an influential speaker and coach.

“I’ve pioneered digital strategies to elevate presence, cultivated inclusive cultures for enhanced productivity, and championed continuous learning to stay ahead in an ever-evolving world.”

 I’m passionate about leveraging my skills and experiences to make a meaningful impact, and I’m excited about the opportunity to bring my expertise to Music Daily”.

“I have had a huge love for the pop/punk 2000’s genre, the kind of music that Z100 radio made famous”.  

Dawna Smith

Human Resources Director

I am Dawna, an author, a poet, and I love helping people discover where they fit in to do what they are born to do. I love creating art about people who make loving bonds and inspire others. I love my best friend, Opal. I love being her human. I love being a mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend, and a helper.

“My favorite album is Ode to Billie Joe, by Bobbie Gentry. She was the first artist I could remember, and I loved all her songs. Plus, I was born the year her album came out. “



Alan is  a tenured public relations and corporate communications executive with over 25 years of experience. 

“I have worked with leading companies and organizations in various sectors, including technology, entertainment, art, and philanthropy.  I am passionate about creating engaging and impactful content for diverse audiences, leveraging digital media platforms and emerging technologies such as Web3, streaming, AI, and social media.


Rob Dixter

Syndicated TV

Rob has an extensive career in both linear and digital television.  He got his start on MTV’s TRL becoming the producer of the show. He followed a 7 year stint at MTV by  building and launching the digital video team at Fuse TV.   Later he was tasked to run the production department at Sinclair Broadcast’s, a digital news service targetting Millennials.  Finally running all video and podcasts for Us Weekly and Men’s Journal.

Gia Rutkowski

Director Social Media

Gia’s mastery lies in human behavior, specifically the consumption habits of younger generations. “As a digital native, I intimately know the sweeping nature and staggering influence of the online world – its patterns, trends, continuities, and unique culture.  For better or worse, technology and its implications have shaped the collective psyche of Western youth.”

“My favorite record is Igor by Tyler the Creator because of its ability to synthesize soul, disco, synth wave, r&b, and hip hop into something cohesive. Alongside its creative production, it is able to tell a compelling story.”

Kevin Conroy


Kevin is an award-winning media and technology innovator, board member, advisor, entrepreneur, and investor. He has held a range of global, operational, strategic, entrepreneurial, and intrapreneurial roles for major media and entertainment corporations including CBS, Fox, Bertelsmann, AOL, Univision, and MGM Studios.  With an extensive background in content, media, and technology, Kevin is consistently at the leading edge of innovation creating enterprise value and accelerated growth for early stage and high-growth new companies.


Eddie Dombrower


An experienced digital executive skilled in strategy, UX/UI software development, and E-commerce, Eddie has helped create pioneering products and businesses for over a dozen startups as well as well-known brands including Atari, Activision, The Jim Henson Company, Electronic Arts, Mattel, E*TRADE,, IAC, AT&T Wireless, and Healthgrades.

Lindsay calabrese

influencer marketing specialist

★ 12yr Influencer Marketing Veteran
★ Led award winning influencer marketing strategy and long-term creator programs, tactics and execution for some of the biggest brands in the world
★ Named Social Media’s Rising Star in the Events Industry by Event Solutions
★ Named one of the top 42 Most Passionate Business Women on Twitter – Huff Po

Carson Coldiron

Digital & Social Media Marketing

Carson brings an unbeatable combination of experience and creativity to his critical role of directing our digital marketing team. Carson is an entrepreneur with sufficient agency experience to understand how to maximize the effectiveness of digital and traditional marketing tools increase audience and engagement across all our channels. 

David Young

chief financial & investment consultant

I confess to being a numbers guy with a passion for taking new product and service ideas from concept to reality. I am an inventor, investor, and winning team builder. I have experience working entry level positions and leading from executive suites. With three successful startups under my belt, I am amazed by what great teams can accomplish. I have learned to ask good questions, communicate complex ideas, and motivate people to overcome obstacles in pursuit of their potential and to the benefit of the team.

Diana Barcelata

Senior Blogger

Diana is a senior writer at Music daily! She is from Vera Cruz Mexico and she graduated in May 2020 from North Central College with a double Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Communications & Organizational Communications and will be attending Northeastern Illinois University for my Master’s starting this Fall!

Diana’s favorite album is Happiness Begins by the Jonas Brothers. By the way… her favorite group is the Jonas Brothers as well!

“It was the Jonas Brothers’ first album in 10 years and it marked their reunion! Plus, every song is very meaningful as it brings back memories from my childhood and with loved ones.”

Jacquie Cadorette

Managing editor

Jacquie comes to Music Daily after 9 years of professional experience writing and editing for major broadcast media and digital including Audacy and iHeart Media. 

“I have always loved language and words, but I take the most pride in being able to use my skills to connect with people”.

Jacquie’s favorite artist is The Avett Brothers!  “Emotionalism is my favorite album…  final answer!”

Sam Stephenson

Junior Writer

Hi! I’m Sam- a junior blogger for MD. I love writing (pretty much anything from poetry to journalism to literary analysis) and music. I listen to country and alternative pop, but I’m a huge fan of Thomas Rhett, Taylor Swift, AJR, and Broadway music. I’m a junior majoring in English at Stevenson University patiently awaiting my career path in teaching, but hoping to make my start in blogging along the way. :)

“My favorite album is 1989 by Taylor Swift! I’m a huge country fan, so it’s difficult for me to be defined so strongly by a pop album. Yet, I grew up on this album. It lives in my car’s CD player while the rest of my CD’s sit in a case, because this album has such a wide array of emotions on it. Whether it’s the best day of your life or you’re ‘going for a drive’ so that you can cry alone, this album has your back and scream singing isn’t just allowed, it’s welcomed.”



Maia Robbins

Senior Writer
Maia is one of Music Daily’s more prolific writers.  Maia graduated from Stetson University in 2023, where she was a Digital Arts major with a Creative Writing minor. Maia likes to spend her time reading, writing, playing pool, and bingeing tv shows. She loves photography and videography, and hopes to one day work in the film industry.  She also adores cats, could live off of just rice and noodles, and currently owns 41 decks of cards!
As a senior writer, Maia writes 300-500-word articles on news in the entertainment industry, from recently released singles and albums to the latest fashion collections and tv/films. She also pitches story ideas for writers.
Maia’s favorite artist is BTS. Her favorite album is NIKI’s “Nicole” album. 
“The lyricism in NIKI’s ‘Nicole’ album is so poetic. As a writer, I always admire songwriters who create compelling lyrics. NIKI’s songs consistently blow me away me in both their impressively technical and emotionally profound ways. Her album ‘Nicole’ is a great example of her artistry.”

Rae Lawhon

Social Media Graphic Design Intern

Rae Lawhon is 18, about to graduate college and loves music and video games. Her favorite things to design are interfaces and logos.

“I’d have to say “Everything I Know About Love” by Laufey is my favorite album. I’ve been following her from the beginning of her first releases and it was super exciting hearing her first album. I really like the jazz-inspired pop music and it’s even more enjoyable singing to it.”

Andres Fabris

Senior Writer/
Communications Manager/
Social Media Strategist

Andres is a Senior Writer, Communications Manager, and Social Media Strategist at Music Daily.  He is a Senior at the University of Delaware with a double major of English and Public Relations and a minor in Italian.

His favorite album is Daydream, by Mariah Carey.

“Thematically, Daydream is the most emotionally crushing album I’ve heard. Upon the first track, perhaps the listener is unaware that they too are daydreaming with Mariah, many fantasies of romance and starry nights. However, by the end of the album, the visions of love are gone, and we see an isolating reality for Mariah, even if she is a superstar diva. Perhaps, these daydreams were her survival, and, if true or not, it feels like looking into her diary—personal, precious, and a moment in time.”

Leydi Gonzalez

Calendar Listing Intern

Leydi Gonzalez is an undergraduate student at the University of Houston majoring in Strategic Communications with a minor in Marketing. She loves everything music and photography!

As a calendar listing intern, Leydi helps with listing of tours and festivals.

Leydi’s favorite singer as of now is Daniel Caesar. Her favorite album is “Shea Butter Baby” by Ari Lennox.

“My favorite album is Shea Butter Baby by Ari Lennox. This is an album that I do not get tired of listening to throughout the years. Her buttery vocals over a variety of different styles of production is what sets this album apart for me. This project is filled with songs to match different energies, for a party-like mood there is “BMO” and a more classic RnB feel “Facetime”. Ari Lennox delivered a cohesive, soulful, and warm masterpiece of a debut album. “

Ava Treviño

junior writer

Ava attends the The University of North Texas majoring in Broadcasting and Digital Media

She loves listening to rock music. She grew up playing games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero and the music stuck with her. For her 20th birthday, she had a rock and roll party.

Ava’s favorite album is Hypnotize by System Of A Down.

“All the songs just hit. I grew up with System of a Down and this is also my most played album.”

Teresa Bigioli

Inernational Wrier

Teresa’s is our International Writer for Music Daily. She  attends University of Southern California and studies Journalism.

Some of Teresa’s favorite artists include David Bowie, Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus, Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift, 5SOS, FKA Twigs, DIY Valentine, Selena, Lesley Gore, Amy Winehouse, The Killers, Nirvana. Her favorite album is Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz by Miley Cyrus.

“I first discovered Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz during a hard emotional time in my life, and through this album, I was able to resonate and connect to the songs and feel understood and heard. It holds a special place in my music heart for being the soundtrack of my emotions during that period of my life”

Sherrie Williams

Social Media Intern (Instagram)

Sherrie is a communications major at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, California, studying multimedia journalism.

Her goals are to go into social media marketing, travel Europe, maybe start a small café/bookstore.

She is optimistic, kind, sarcastic, more of an introvert, but can still be chatty.

“My favorite album is The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, by Lauren Hill. Hill’s lyrical flow never gets old and I am into older R&B”

Matt Varga

Multimedia Editor

Matt is an editor at Music Daily.  He is a Senior at the University of Delaware with a double major of English and Public Relations and a minor in Italian.

“Thematically, Daydream is the most emotionally crushing album I’ve heard. Upon the first track, perhaps the listener is unaware that they too are daydreaming with Mariah, many fantasies of romance and starry nights. However, by the end of the album, the visions of love are gone, and we see an isolating reality for Mariah, even if she is a superstar diva. Perhaps, these daydreams were her survival, and, if true or not, it feels like looking into her diary– personal, precious, and a moment in time.”

LaNea Tolbert

Video Editor

LaNea is a student in her last year of studying film and psychology at San Fransisco State University. She was born and raised in San Francisco and after college, she hopes to become a cinematographer or editor for film.

“My favorite album is This Old Dog, by Mac DeMarco. From start to finish, every song on this album brings good vibrations! My favorite track is Moonlight on the River, I love the ending how everything slows down and becomes almost eerie yet intriguing.”

Grace Powers

Junior Writer, Vlogger

Grace is a junior writer and on-camera talent at Music Daily.  She attends Appalachian State University in Boone, NC and majors in Electronic Media and Broadcasting with a minor in Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology.

“Lost in the Dream by the War on Drugs is my favorite album and has been since I was 15 years old. The way they blend their heartland Americana style with a psychedelic flare instills a visceral emotional response. The way their songs build up to such a cathartic crescendo made this album an instant favorite of mine.”

Kayla Ortiz

Social Media Blogger

Kayla Ortiz is a social media blogger, who is an English major, with minors in Digital Media & Journalism and Music at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

As a social media blogger, Kayla gets assigned to or comes up with ideas for stories based on music news, artists, concerts, albums, and more.

Kayla’s favorite artist is Bruno Mars. Her favorite album is “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”.

“This album has taught me so much about myself and others. Lauryn Hill offers a perspective that not many people have, and the way that she lead the industry after releasing this album is incredible. I think everything about this album is beautiful from the instrumental to the lyrics to the sound of Lauryn’s voice.”  

Emilie Widarsson

Music Blogger/Vlogger

Emilie Widarsson, a music blogger and vlogger, has a major and minor in editing, writing, and media and advertising from Florida State University. Her studies for editing, writing & media involve exploration and practice of the intersection between creating, editing, and writing for a variety of different mediums. Her focus is on the intersect of text and visuals. Advertising deals with the core principles of advertising and studying what makes an effective advertisement, as well as how to effectively implement them in the market.

As a music blogger/vlogger, Emilie writes and edits articles for Music Daily and produces video content.

Emilie’s favorite artists are Donna Summer and 100 Gecs. Her favorite albums are “Autoamerican” by Blondie and “Topical Dancer” by Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul. 

“Autoamerican definitely influenced a lot of my taste, and I can point to it as the album that helped introduce me to some of my favorite artists and genres today. While I love every track on the album, Rapture in particular is special to me. From that song I became really interested in the disco scene and its history, which eventually led me to house music. House got me interested in the world of EDM, which then led me to some of my closest friends and artists that really resonated with me. I also wrote down Topical Dancer because it is such an incredibly tight, witty album that is really unlike anything I’ve heard. No album has blown my mind like that!”

Olesya Mertz

Content Creator/Editor

Olesya Mertz is a content creator/editor, who has a major and minor in creative writing and political science from Ohio Northern University. She writes articles for the website.

Olesya’s favorite singer is Tiesto, and her favorite album is “Gold Skies” by Martin Garrix. 

“I really enjoy listening to EDM music since there is an amazing blend of instrumentals. “Gold Skies” is an excellent EDM album.” 

Mallary Zajicek

Content Manager Intern

I am 21 and I have lived in Germany for the last three years but will be moving to Chicago this summer. I am majoring in communications with a minor in marketing online at the University of Maryland and have traveled a ton throughout Europe. Traveling has become one of my favorite hobbies, whether I am going to a new country or discovering a new small town in Germany. I love listening to music and have it on 24/7, and I am always on the hunt for new artists and songs to listen to. Just a few of my favorite artists are Rainbow Kitten Surprise, M83, and Tame Impala. When I am not working or studying, I love hanging out with friends at the park or at a cute café.

My favorite album is Currents by Tame Impala.

“The feel from Currents, by Tame Impala, is something incomparable to any other. Every song brings a new emotion and just sounds like magic, and Tame Impala did a really great job with making every song on this album a hit. I could listen to each song in a completely different setting or scenario and it would still be a vibe.”

Paloma Pimentel


I am Paloma Pimentel, I am bilingual and speak English and Spanish. I am a senior at college, a practicing communicator and journalist. I have been to 19 countries and have a multi-cultural understanding of people and societies. I hope one day to become a communications expert.

kelsey perry

Kelsey is a Coordinator on the content team at Music Daily.  She is a student at Ball State University studying Advertising. She also loves to thrift, loves fashion, and making playlists! Also a huge cat person.
Her favorite artists include Samia, The Wrecks, Taylor Swift, Clairo, Lorde and her favorite album is The Baby by Samia!
“Samia’s lyrics are beautiful, unique, and so relatable for a young adult female listener. ‘The Baby’ is raw, original, and honest and perfectly expresses the emotions and angst that come with young adulthood as a woman. Her tracks are different and strong enough that they are all able to stand and be appreciated alone, but the album is also able to come together as a perfect cohesive unit. I’ve been listening to this album consistently for over a year now and it hasn’t aged one bit!”

Julia Laughlin


Julia graduated from the University of Massachusetts in May of 2021 with a degree in communication.i

She loves to write, create, outdoors, music, and animals.

Julia became a corporate trainer at Boston Direct after graduation and built her own team She  coached, motivated and pushed them to succeed and reach their goals.

“I currently write for Music Daily  about music news, new songs, and album releases.   My favorite artists include Billie Eilish, One Direction, Olivia Rodrigo and the Weeknd.”

“My favorite album is Whack World by Tierra Whack because of how versatile and different it was. I strive to make music that sounds like nothing that is out right now and be extremely creative with it.”

Adam Kinberg

Social Media Coordinator

Adam Kinberg, a social media coordinator, is majoring in film and video studies at George Mason University. He hopes to work in film, television and radio. 

As a social media coordinator, Adam manages the YouTube channel and posts TikTok videos onto the YouTube channel.

Adam’s favorite artist is The Notorious B.I.G. His favorite album is “Ready to Die” by The Notorious B.I.G.

“I really enjoy listening to the Notorious B.I.G. because I love to listen to New York classic hip hop.”

Stefano McKinney

Junior Editor

Stefano is a cinema major at San Francisco State University. He is originally from Los Angeles, but has moved around a bit. He wants to make his own feature film. He is also on the San Francisco Wrestling team.

“My favorite album is In Utero, because I am a huge fan of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain.”


Luis Perez

Production Coordinator

Luis graduated with a degree in Film Production. He wants to get into the industry, with aspirations of creating his own show.

Luis is a hard worker, who brings a positive vibe to everyone he works with. As a production coordinator, Luis supervises, communicates and ensures that videos are completed and delivered to be reviewed. 

Luis’ favorite band is the Beatles. His favorite album is “A Night At the Opera”.

“I love it because it contains the best music The Beatles have ever done. The style of music connects to me in a way no other really has since.”

Jack Stoner

Junior Editor

I am a junior at MSU. I am from Seattle, WA. I love the outdoors, watching movies, and taking pictures

Siris Washington Jr

Video Editor

Siris graduated from Central Texas College. He has aspirations to become a Film / Documentary editor.

He was born in Manhattan, New York on July 17, 1975. In 1980, he moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, graduating from RJ Reynolds in 1994. In 2001 he moved to Texas and in 2011, enrolled at Central Texas Colleges Television and Radio program as a communications major.
 “My favorite album is Donny Hathaway, because of the great music behind the album cover.”

gerard blandina

video editor

Gerard is a Film & Television graduate of Rider University. He loves watching Godzilla movies and listening to 80s music. Gerard’s favorite artist is Devo. He also collects fluorescent minerals. Gerard hopes to expand upon his skills and craft as a filmmaker and will become a professional video editor and camera operator in the future.

“One of my favorite albums is Big Country’s The Crossing. The songs have a kinetic almost anthemic, call-to-action energy about them that leave you wanting to throw caution to the wind, as you dance, shout, and if you are adventurous, maybe go on a treasure hunt. Their signature sound are the bagpipe-like guitars that are prevalent in every song. Stuart Adamson, the late lead vocalist of Big Country had vocals that had an impressive range that carried a deep well of emotion and inspiration to anyone who heard it.”

Patrick Leu

Youth Writer

Patrick Leu is a youth writer at Music Daily. He is attending Northwestern University in the fall, with a major in comparative literature. His major will involve translating and comparing literary works from different cultures and languages, and expanding one’s cultural horizons.

Patrick likes to read, creatively write, play jazz+classical trumpet, play piano, and play Garageband!

As a youth writer, Patrick writes articles for new releases, artists, and promotes up-and-coming artists.

Patrick’s favorite band is “SiM”. His favorite album is the “Across The Spiderverse” Soundtrack. 

“I love the Spiderverse movies, and this newest release definitely hit me hard. The message of being able to choose your own path and being a hero in your own way really resonates with me and this soundtrack always reminds me of that message and to keep going.”

Charlie Woodberry

Video Editor

Charlie Woodberry is a film student living in Northern Virginia who loves to help people. His biggest interests are different forms of media, stories, and cultures. He also loves baseball and football.

Charlie is a Digital Cinema and Filmmaking, B.S major at Pace University. His major teaches him the skills on how to make films and what is necessary so that he can be a professional once he can go into the industry.

As a video editor, Charlie edits weekly segments, such as Tracks or Onstage, by bringing together the performances from our talent and then uses that to create the rest of the story communicated through graphics.

Charlie’s favorite artist is the Rare Americans. His favorite album is “HiLo” by Jack Stauber.

“My favorite album is HiLo by Jack Stauber. It’s unconventional lyrics and sound makes it one of the most emotional albums I have ever listened to with this and Jack’s other works always inspire me to create stuff. HiLo is a surrealist look into the mind of one of my favorite artists while having a single song I wouldn’t listen to. It has so many things you can breakdown about it without feeling too overwhelming. The album also seems to have a control over my emotions perfectly demonstrating that music is the universal language.”

Ashley Rosario Ogando


Ashley is studying Film & Production at Hofstra University and is not only a junior editor at Music Daily, she is also an aspiring animator! 

She LOVES cartoons, drawing, creative writing, playing video games and want to one day make a Cartoon Feature.

Ashley’s favorite album is Stormcrow by Cain’s Offering.

“I love power metal and I feel that the range the band brings to this album is phenomenal. The usage of fast pace drums and guitars to the slow piano and choir was beautiful.”



Ted is an accomplished entertainment executive with experience in start-ups, major-market station management, artist development and management, business and programming development. Having direct experience in the Traditional, Digital, On-site, Social, Mobile and ‘Cross-Platform‘ media business, he has created innovative solutions for competitive and technical challenges facing customers and strategic partners. Specializing in revenue development through building and maintaining excellent relationships with clients, vendors, and staff, while ensuring seamless communication between internal and external groups and all essential vehicles of content distribution.

Ryan Fisher

Twitter/YouTube Intern

Ryan is currently a Senior at SUNY Fredonia with a Major in Music Industry and a Minor in Communications. His goals are to get a job in the music industry either with live performances or social media.